Sunday, 1 May 2011

Crust Pizza

I decided to try out the new Crust pizza place in Macquarie Centre. Oh how I regretted this decision. I was wary at the beginning but decided to risk it anyways.

There are a number of problems with a place like this. Firstly, the slice, or portion rater, of pizza you receive is rather small. This wouldn't be a problem if each portion didn't cost $9.80. Yes, you did hear me right. Nine dollars and eighty cents. Lets think about this for a second. There are 6 portions to each pizza. This means each pizza is close to $60. Wow. The last time i ate at a restaurant on Norton street (Italy on a budget) I ordered a pizza. This pizza was amazing. It cost $22. This seems like an appropriate cost for a great pizza.

I don't think I even have to say any more on the subject apart from stating the theft of money of out your pocket when eating at Crust.

Oh, and the pizza was mediocre at best.

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