Tuesday, 3 May 2011


-The most popular place to hit for smoothies crushes and juices in Macquarie Centre. At around $7 you can get a boost for your day! Famous especially in the summer time, however you would long cue even in these cold days, which just proves it’s worth spending some dollars!
You will get low fat smoothies which are made from fresh food and 98% fat free yoghurt. The super smoothies would give a kick of extra boost! From super smoothies you can choose Gym junkie, Energy Lift etc. among the most popular ones. You can grab crushes which are 99% fat free. One of the most popular ones are Mango tango crush, watermelon crush and berry crush.
One of the best things about juices from Boost is that they are freshly squeezed and no sugar is added.  One of my favourites would be the energiser juice. It is from freshly squeezed orange, banana and strawberries. You can choose boosters as well, however personally I don’t like them that much.
So hit the shop and grab your desired drink to give you the boost!!

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