Friday, 29 April 2011

Banna Bread / Toast

Location: Macquarie Center

Store: Gloria Jeans

Food:  Banana Bread / Toast

Cost: $4.00 / $2.50

Rating: 3/5

Gloria Jeans can be found in two locations in Macquarie (for the moment). One is in the Food Court of the Center and the other is located in the closing down Borders. This is a good option is you're in a rush and unable to have a good sit down breakfast. These items can be eaten on the go and are relatively cheap.

With the toast you can either get plain or raisin toast. These slices are quite thick (which is my preference).
With the banana bread, you can have the option of getting it toasted, but I prefer as it is [cold].

With both these food items, you can get them toasted (obviously) and select butter and/or a jam. This results in a cheap and cheerful breakfast, which I recommend. (this option is even better then some of the other options for breakfast)

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