Friday, 29 April 2011


Location: Macquarie Center

Store: Event Cinema - Scoop Alley

Food:  Hotdog

Cost: $3.00

Rating: 2.5/5

Keeping in line with the previous post, this is a cheep and cheerful option of lunch. The Scoop Alley is located on the top floor, next to the cinema. This place does a pretty good hotdog, that is better the Doughnut King one(the only other place to offer a hotdog). Another bonus is that at the Scoop Ally you can get a superior (in my humble opinion) frozen coke, which goes well with the hotdog.  Unfortunately it does not come with cheese. Overall is a good option for lunch if your in the mood for a sausage.

Warning, be careful and don't get caught up in the feel that you are going to the movies, you are just getting movie food, you most likely don't have time to see a're probably late to your lecture already!

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