Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Short Video

Check out this short video of us interviewing students around Macquarie University about their favorite places to eat.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


-The most popular place to hit for smoothies crushes and juices in Macquarie Centre. At around $7 you can get a boost for your day! Famous especially in the summer time, however you would long cue even in these cold days, which just proves it’s worth spending some dollars!
You will get low fat smoothies which are made from fresh food and 98% fat free yoghurt. The super smoothies would give a kick of extra boost! From super smoothies you can choose Gym junkie, Energy Lift etc. among the most popular ones. You can grab crushes which are 99% fat free. One of the most popular ones are Mango tango crush, watermelon crush and berry crush.
One of the best things about juices from Boost is that they are freshly squeezed and no sugar is added.  One of my favourites would be the energiser juice. It is from freshly squeezed orange, banana and strawberries. You can choose boosters as well, however personally I don’t like them that much.
So hit the shop and grab your desired drink to give you the boost!!


Location: Macquarie Center

Store: Mitzus

Food: Sushi Train

Cost: Various (usually about $20 per person)

Rating: 5/5

Mitzus is undoubtedly the best place to eat around Macquarie University. It is located on the top floor, across from the cinemas. This is a great spot for lunch or dinner. the great thing about Mitzus is that it can accommodate if you want to stay and eat and chat with your friends, or just a quick eat and dash. there is a constant supply of different sushi to constantly circling the train. Moreover if none of these take your fancy, you can order something off the menu most dishes are about $15 or under ( their Chicken Teriyaki is fantastic - however can only be ordered during the dinner service). The downside is that Mitzus can get very busy and getting a table or spot to eat may be difficult. But the wait is worth it. All in all I highly recommend eating here whatever the occasion.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Chicken Fried Rice

Location: Macquarie University

Store: Thai Kiosk

Food: Chicken Fired Rice

Cost: $7.50 (for a large)

Rating: 3/5

This is one of the better options for eating on campus. The store is located in the cafeteria/food court section. At this venue there are a number of options to choose from on your menu (although some of the food may be less Thai in origin than others). Regardless this place does decent food and offers a good selection of meals (however they do not do combo deals). Unfortunately all food is served in those take away containers (which is undesirable - for me at least - is it too much to ask for a plate), but the container does present the option of putting your food away and returning to a later date / eating it in a lecture (although neither of these options are advisable).

Overall this kiosk is one of the better places to get your lunch from and is quite popular, particularly this item. I recommend this place if you wish (have) to eat on campus.

Go Hun Thai @ Macquarie Park

Go Hun Thai  is very small but thriving Thai Takeaway, there is a wide range of food and it is prepared in front of you. To suit your budget weekly specials are on offer during week days. Can get very crowded at lunch time but the wait and fight through the door is always worth it.  The food here is excellent, the ambience is very clean, but there is no place to eat in, it is only a take away place. Service is prompt and the value is fair, the portions are healthy, never been left feeling hungry

This is a great little place to get some take-away or a quick lunch/dinner. I highly recommend this as the best Thai cuisine in Sydney's west. The only downside of this store is it's tiny size and how many guests they get at lunch time, even though it is definetly crowded, it is worth pushing your way in.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Convenience Store

The on campus convenience store is a great place to pick up almost anything.

I personally visit the store every time i'm on campus; whether it be to buy a sandwich, a chocolate bar or a carton of milk - the convenience store is always there as a cheap alternative for a quick snack.

Upon first look, it may look very busy and mabey even quite small, but when you go in, you are soon to realise the vast array of food and drinks that are available - all of which at reasonable prices. Service wise, it is vary good, there are always plenty of staff to assist and to serve people to get them out the door and eating their food as quickly as possible.

Crust Pizza

I decided to try out the new Crust pizza place in Macquarie Centre. Oh how I regretted this decision. I was wary at the beginning but decided to risk it anyways.

There are a number of problems with a place like this. Firstly, the slice, or portion rater, of pizza you receive is rather small. This wouldn't be a problem if each portion didn't cost $9.80. Yes, you did hear me right. Nine dollars and eighty cents. Lets think about this for a second. There are 6 portions to each pizza. This means each pizza is close to $60. Wow. The last time i ate at a restaurant on Norton street (Italy on a budget) I ordered a pizza. This pizza was amazing. It cost $22. This seems like an appropriate cost for a great pizza.

I don't think I even have to say any more on the subject apart from stating the theft of money of out your pocket when eating at Crust.

Oh, and the pizza was mediocre at best.


Everyone loves a slice of pizza from time to time. At Macquarie, we are lucky enough to have an excellent pizza shop on campus!

Located upstairs and next to the Uni bar, is a good sized room with a couple of pool tables and couches to relax on. It is in this room where you will find that slice of pizza that you've been craving, for just $3.90 a slice. What I also like about this outlet is the atmosphere. Everyone is there for a good time, you can st out on the balcony and look over the lake or you can sit inside and play some pool with friends.

So next time you feel like a quick feed, or maybe you've had a few beers at Ubar next door and need to sober up a bit before class then i would definitley recommend grabbing a slice!

Cheers, and Enjoy!