Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Oporto Bondi Burger

One of the cheapest things to grab which would fill up your tummies for sure in MQ centre is the Bondi Burger in Oporto.
Its only $5.5 and you can get a meal pack at only $7 with the burger, French fries and a can of soft drink.
It tastes great!
This burger was first introduced in 1986 in a small Portuguese charcoal chicken shop in North Bondi (About.com, Syrie Wongkaew).
What still make the burger so irresistible is the freshly grilled and marinated chicken and the legendary chilli sauce.
However if you are not a fan of hot-spicy food, you can order for the mild sauce which is not so chilly, yet would give you the same sour taste. You can also choose not to have any sauce at all and just enjoy the soft juicy chicken.
I would say you should definitely spend some dollars to try this burger. The chicken is marinated with a secret sauce which somewhat has a similar taste like the peri-peri sauce and along with fresh bun and lettuce, a slice of cheese and a bit of chilli sauce its heavenly.

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